2017/05/20 Professor Makoto KASU was awarded the Fellow from the Surface Science Society of Japan
2017/05/12 Courtesy visit by associate professor Sophie Barrau from the Institute for Materials and Conversion (UMET) of Lille University (France)
2017/04/13 Saga University Alumni Association and Board of Directors meeting
2017/05/19 Saga university students conducted science experiment class at Saga City adaptation guidance classroom "Kusu no mi"
2017/05/16 Professor Sami Ferdjani from Faculty of Engineering of Bourgogne University, France visited Saga University and proposed exchange studying abroad
2017/05/13 Presentation on information protection in medical care and ICT utilization
2017/04/29 SSH Business "Research Seminar" conducted at Chienkan High School
2017/04/01 Apply International teacher to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering Executive Division
2014/07/31 Public announcement of doctoral thesis presentation(August) additional version
2014/07/22 Public announcement of doctoral thesis presentation(August)
2014/07/16 Public announcement of doctoral thesis presentation(July)
2014/07/14 We have renewed a website.