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Features of Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has been focusing on the fusion of science and engineering since it was established. Knowledge and creative and flexible thinking, beyond the borders of science and engineering fields are indispensable to coexistence with living things on earth, in the environment and in the creation of a new era. By studying basic principles in the field of science, and applications in the field of engineering, and from the harmony of "knowledge", you will become "people" who will create the next world.

Features of Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The graduate school consists of one department of science and engineering, and by adopting a course system for each specialized field, it is possible to flexibly construct an education implementation framework and further facilitate collaboration among specialized fields in education and research. You will be able to acquire advanced knowledge and technology in specialized fields in your course, and at the same time, you can study various fields beyond the scope of specialized course based on your own career design.

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